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Apostle Mawoyo unveils new anointing oils

By Stephen Chadenga

Harare preacher and founder of Christ in Action International Apostle Trevor Mawoyo has introduced a new range of “anointing oils”, which he says are meant to protect people from evil spirits and financially uplift them.

Apostle Mawoyo said the holy oils would be used at his church services to heal people and bless them.

“I have three anointing oils that I introduced in 2020,” he told Standard Style.

“There is the Yoke Destroyer, which is used to deliver people from witchcraft and demons. Then there is the Money Magnet, which will bring financial restoration to people, and another marriage anointing oil call I Will Get Married in 2020.”

The preacher said the holy oils were meant to ensure that this year believers will be protected from the evil spirits and get prosperity in their financial dealings as well as marriage aspirations.

In 2018 he spread his church internationally by opening branches in China and Hong Kong.

Three years ago Mawoyo wooed multitudes in India where he was the guest speaker at a crusade organised by more than 50 churches.

He has also held crusades in neighbouring South Africa.

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