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Gweru’s Xiddo brews Valentine’s jam

by Sandra Maricho

GWERU-based Afro pop star Forward Xiddo Maposa says he will release a single love track on Valentine’s Day dedicated to all those in love. Maposa, who recently married his long-time lover Ayanda, said he would like to celebrate his maturity together with his fans.

In an interview with The Standard Style, Maposa said the track talks about true love and how people are expected to show unconditional love in all circumstances.

“My track Anondida Sezvandiri talks about a man who appreciates how his partner loves him wholeheartedly and my aim is to inspire married people to continue loving each other despite the challenges that are encountered on the way,” he said.

Maposa has been all around the Midlands province perfoming live shows and has promised to continue working hard until he is recognised as one of the big musicians in the country.

“I worked very hard last year and l had a busy schedule performing at different events and platforms. I hope this year will be better in terms of doing shows outside the province so as to increase my fan base,” Maposa said.

He encouraged other upcoming musicians to continue working hard until they become big artistes .

“It is through hard work that artistes become successful in their career. The music industry has its own challenges, but perseverance and persistence makes it achievable,” Maposa said.

Maposa is one of a few musicians in Gweru who owns state-of-the-art recording studios where other upcoming artistes record their music at affordable rates.

“I would like to see Gweru artistes being recognised the same way as those in Harare and Bulawayo. People love good content and if the music is good no matter where one is located, people will just support it,” he said.

Maposa also hinted about his plans to release a video of the track Maimwana.

“l will also release a video of the track ‘Maimwana’ which is dedicated to my wife as l express how l really love her with all my heart.

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