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Mambo urges gospel musicians to explore

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Gospel musicians should step up their game in terms of production quality and branding if they are to attract more attention and influence on the music scene, budding songstress Rose Mambo has said.

Sitting on three studio albums, the 41-year-old Bulawayo-bred artiste is currently riding on the success of a highly-charged single titled uManqoba, released recently, in which she features Taz Mehluli Moyo while the video, shot in Mbare, was directed by the capable Vusa Blaqs.

In an interview with Standard Style last week, Mambo said gospel artistes should explore further and follow the trends of a constantly evolving music scene to attract more ears to their work.

“To get the following that we need from out there when we now have so many different beats and different feel to music, what one needs to do is see how they can come up with something that actually represents us in all the new genres,” she said.

“Maybe there will be this person attracted to the beat but they are not born again, the moment they hear your song you expose them to the word, so it’s also the versatility we need to expose at the end of the day.”

Her observations come at a time gospel musicians like Janet Manyowa, Mathias Mhere and more recently Mambo Dhuterere appear to be breaking barriers with chart-topping music across the board that has had a vast impact locally and even regionally, particularly for the former.

Armed with an infectious voice and skill to create songs without much effort, these are feats Mambo, currently juggling between studying for a doctorate and a full-time day job, has set to achieve.

“It’s never easy to balance it out because with music it’s obviously the passion and the will power that will then push me at the end of the day to say no matter what, I will pursue it although it is not easy,” she said.

But, passion mixed with zeal to serve God, has kept the married mother of two going despite other demanding commitments.

“I decided to use that talent in me to praise God and serve Him through music,” she said, adding that her greatest conviction is to spread the gospel in the best of ways.

“It’s the passion that I am fulfilling and I endeavour to come up with best productions and if that then rewards me [accolades and financially], then that’s a plus and a bonus to it that I will welcome and cherish.”

Meanwhile, Mambo is set to follow up on Umanqoba with Lujulile, which was produced by multi award-winning producer DJ Tamuka at JP Studios.

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