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I am not dead, says Madzibaba Andby


LEADER of Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic sect Madzibaba Andby Makaruru says he is back in the country after his recent tour of Southern Africa.

He said he had been away touring the region preaching the Word of God and healing people. Rumour in Mutare and surrounding areas had it that the man of God was “dead”.

However, Madzibaba Andby made a surprise appearance at last Sunday’s church service in Mutare at his popular shrine known as “Pama Tank”.

He was welcomed by hundreds of his congregants who were “missing” his miracles and preaching.

Makaruru said he was not worried about “fake prophets” who were circulating news on social media that he was “dead”.

“l am back now. l am told that there were some prophets who were saying that l was dead, they claimed l died in a road accident,” Madzibaba Andby said.

“l was doing the work of God in other countries, tell other people that l am alive. It’s only that l overstayed in Mozambique because many people wanted to be helped,” he said.

Madzibaba Andby quickly got down to business healing some ailing people and re-unitting a couple that had gone separate ways.

Noleen Dhubha and her husband Tatenda Bhudhiyo had become enstranged but were reconciled on the day, thanks to the great work of the preacher.

Madzibaba Andby told the couple to re-unite as God did not want to set them apart.

“I am happy to meet my husband. We had separated last year and the Holy Spirit allowed us to meet here,” said Dhubha.
“l was suspecting that he was cheating on me, but now I think otherwise.”

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