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Makumbe defies financial difficulties

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo-based gospel musician Trymore Makumbe last week released a single titled Ndiri Mutadzi.

The single comes a year after the unheralded singer had stopped recording due to financial constraints. He is also working on an album to be released in August.

The song is all about confession.

“Ndiri Mutadzi is a song about confession. Actually I am pouring out my heart through the song confessing to the Lord about my sins and asking for forgiveness from the Most High. It is all about asking oneself where one will go after we die and on the day of judgement,” he told Standard Style.

“I have a lot of things I look at in my life that I find myself engaging in, but the Bible is against such, so it is worrisome to think of where one’s soul will go after judgement day,” he said.

Makumbe began singing three years ago when he released a single titled Jesu Anoti.

“I started singing late in my life and I recorded my first single in 2017 and then in 2018 I did two singles Zvipo and Bye Bye Pharaoh. By then I was still living in Mutare and my music got airplay on Diamond FM,” he said.

“Last year I did not do any recordings because of financial challenges. It is difficult to be in the music industry without financial support. I had to fund myself to complete the projects using the little money I had.”

Previous encounters in his life made him sing gospel music.

“I once got sick for a very long time and when l was healed, I realised the hand of the Lord working in my life, and His power restoring my life back again.

There is no way I can pay Him back but through praising and sharing His Word through music, hence the reason why I chose gospel out of all the music genres,” said Makumbe.

He wants the album he is working on to be commercial as it is the way to go for him to be able to fund his music until he gets a sponsor to support his work.

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