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Hip-hop rookie in studio for EP

By Sandra Maricho

UPCOMING Gweru hip-hop chanter Breezy Nukem is set to release his five-track extended play (EP) next month with most of the songs already complete.

Titled Way Up, the EP is expected to rock the airwaves with a bang after the musician experimented with various producers such as Jamal Nle,Tanto Wavie and Kid Mj.

Speaking in an interview with Standard Style, Nukem said he took his time in coming up with the EP and was satisfied with the outcome.

“My latest production is a thriller because all the five tracks were perfectly done with the assistance of Gweru’s finest producers,” Nukem said.

“The EP is about celebrating hip-hop music in Zimbabwe and how we manage to attract a larger fan base through hard work.”

The tracks on the EP include No Deal, For Real, Blesser Zvipande and Vanhu Vanovhunduka.

“The message in my tracks is inspired by the environment especially trending issues of the day. I usually sing about love, hustling and life in general among other issues,” he said.

Born Romeo Mulekano 21 years ago, the hip-hop musician began his career while at high school in Gweru and has recorded several singles.

His music receives favourable airplay on local radio stations and has been on the top 10 list for several weeks.

Like any other artiste, Mulekano bemoaned lack of sponsorship and promoters in small towns and cities as a major setback to the wellbeing of artistes in Zimbabwe.

“Because of the harsh economic situation in our country, it is difficult for sponsors to come on board and assist artistes the way other countries do,” Mulekano said.

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