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Amos returns with original Mahendere Brothers beat

By Lowen Mutambara

Gospel musician Amos Mahendere (pictured above) of the famed Mahendere Brothers has released a single titled Rudimbwa.

Mahendere, who fronted the star-studded family outfit, had gone quiet only to resurface recently after releasing the single Rudimbwa.

He told Standard Style that his single and other forthcoming projects have the original Mahendere Brothers feel.

Mahendere Brothers became a household name in the 1990s following the release of their album Hupenyu Hwepanyika. It was a family affair made up of brothers Amos, Michael, Akim and Misheck.

Amos insisted that he was still in the game and fans should look forward to more music this year.

“I have released a single titled Rudimbwa, which has a video trending on YouTube. In June I will be releasing another single titled No Stress and it will curtain-raise an album titled Worship to be released in December,” Mahendere said.

“2020 is a big year for me and I am fully back into music.”

He said the economic situation obtaining in the country disrupted his plans to release an album early this year, hence his decision to push the release to December.

“The situation in the country has led to the delay of the release of the album, but I have managed to release the single,” he said.

Mahendere last year only managed to release a single Anotichengeta due to his tight schedule, but he said this year he is back and would be reconnecting with his fans through countrywide shows.

“I always say to my fans that I am the one who can offer them the original Mahendere Brothers music and this will happen this year,” he said.

He said the reunion of the original Mahendere Brothers remained distant because of various reasons.

“We meet at private meetings as a family, but I cannot promise the reunion of us to be one band because of different personal commitments. However, we have remained united as the Mahendere family,” he said.

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