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LadyBird Florence offers Covid-19 helping hand to blind community

In the midst of crisis people tend to concentrate on the safety of their lives and families, but it takes compassionate and selflessness to offer a hand to a stranger.


LadyBird Florence Foundation is one such organisation that has chosen to emphathise with the underprivileged members of society through helping them fight the Covid-19 pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives so far globally.

The foundation is strecthing a helping hand to the blind community in Harare.

They are providing hand sanitisers, face masks and groceries (mealie meal, cooking oil, bath soaps and rice, among other basic needs) to the blind community in Harare’s central business district.

“We believe that the only way to be safe from this virus is by making sure that those around you are safe,” said Kudzaishe Mhasvi, who is partnering Ladybird Florence Foundation in the project.

“Everyone is being recommended to stay at home and we believe those in the streets would also want to stay at home, but they don’t have the basic needs to survive.

“So, by providing for them, they can stay home and be safe.”

Apart from doling out goodies, Mhasvi and LadyBird Florence Foundation are also taking the opportunity to raise awareness among the blind to take preventative measures against contracting the novel virus.

“We are mainly targeting Harare because of the limited resources we have,” Mhasvi said.

“We are asking them if they are aware of this pandemic and we are urging them to sanitise and to stay at home and be safe.”

Mhasvi highlighted that the organisation observes strict measures when distributing goods to make sure that the disease is not spread during the process.

“In distributing we are making sure that we wear gloves, masks and sanitise to also make sure that the beneficiaries and us don’t get the disease,” he said.

Ladybird Florence Foundation was started five years ago by Mary Mhuruyengwe and has been catering for the blind people in Harare, paying school fees for their children.

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