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Mahlalela puts drama launch on hold


South Africa-based Zimbabwean producer Mthulisi “Mahlalela” Moyo says his new drama, where he has roped in Tshawe of Emzini Wezinsizwa, which was supposed to be shot on April 16, has been postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The drama, titled Mahlalela the Garden Boy, is due to premiere on one of South Africa’s celebrated drama television channels — Mzansi Magic — and will see the likes of Madamara hit maker Freddy Gwala taking part.

“This time I bring in a new character in my drama. I was approached by Tshita Visuals, a media house here in South Africa, which said I should act with those people,” Mahlalela told Standard Style.

“They said they would direct, shoot and produce the drama.”

Tshawe, being one of the most popular characters on the television channel, Mahlalela said he would utilise the moments with him to get much exposure.

“Working with Tshawe will make me grow big and even the company itself is big. I am happy that they [Tshita Visuals] saw something in me which matches the standard of respected actors in South Africa such as Tshawe,” he said.

He said the drama talks about Mahlalela who has faced challenges after economic hardships and diverts to become a gardener.

“Due to economic hardships, Mahlalela, with no choice, decides to look for a job as a gardener in one the nearest suburbs in town,” he said.

“After a long search for the job, he finally meets his friend Mpabanga [Thulani Nyathi], who connects him to Dube [the role played by Tshawe from Emzini WeZinsizwa], who was desperately looking for someone like Mahlalela.”

“Mahlalela finds it difficult to work in that place because his employer Dube uses juju.

“Dube is initiated by his best friend Ndlovu [Gwala] to use juju so that everything shall be well with him.

“It also becomes too difficult for Mahlalela to stay in the ‘boys cottage’ because scary and strange things happen during the night when he is asleep.

“He finally quits the job and runs away without notice,” Mahlalela said.

The drama was written and produced by Thulani Nyathi and includes actors like Jennifer Peter (Dube’s daughter), Sphetheni Ncube (maid), Silibaziso Dube (Tshawe’s wife) and Thulani Nyathi (Mpabanga).

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