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Lockdown time to retrospect: Jah Tee


UPCOMING Afro-jazz artiste Thabani ”Jah Tee” Ndlovu (pictured) has urged artistes to use the lockdown period to explore ways on how best they can develop their careers.

Jah Tee recently released a single on Covid-19 titled Zvirwere Zvinongonyukanyuka, a song in which he implores God to protect Zimbabwe and Africa from the pandemic.

The Musha Mukadzi singer said artistes should not be cry babies but take the opportunity to meditate about their previous works and polish up.

“Artistes should not cry day in day out in this lockdown. Instead they should take the opportunity to meditate on their work and polish up new stuff,” Jah Tee said.

“The period is difficult because we need to make money through shows, but life is precious and we live once, hence we should take heed of the call by the government to stay home, but while we are home let us not rest on building our careers.”

The Kwekwe-based musician is working on a single track titled Minamato Minoinzwa Here.

He said the song talks about Zimbabwe’s ailing economy which has caused thousands of people to leave and seek greener pastures in other countries.

“I am working on a single titled Minamato Minoinzwa Here, the song is about the Zimbabwean situation where people are leaving the country for greener pastures and in some cases they get attacked in foreign lands. So, one wonders if God hears our prayers,” he said.

Having worked with Andy Muridzo and Beverly Sibanda as their driver, Jah Tee is hoping to engage them and work with them in the music industry.

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