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Cassper Nyovest hits back at lockdown critics

JOHANNESBURG — Rapper Cassper Nyovest (pictured right) has hit back at suggestions that celebs should not complain about their struggles during the lockdown because they are in a “privileged” position.

The star and several other celebs ave been candid about their lockdown experiences, their fears for the future of the industry and how they are passing the time.

After a follower suggested that musicians check up on each other because the lockdown is “a perfect environment to slip into a huge depression”, Cassper said not everyone thought the same way.

He said his friends in the industry were “going through the most”, but he was hesitant to speak about it because of the backlash he may get.

“Yup, and they are going through the most. We can’t speak about it though because apparently we have it good so we should shut up.”

He shared his prayer that those who were struggling may come out of this period healthy and stronger.

“I hope my fellow artists come out of this healthy. We’ll pick it up on the other side. For now, shut up and drive!”

Meanwhile, Cassper seems to be in good spirits and told fans the lockdown was the reset he needed.

“I am so calm and fearless. My thoughts are clearer. I just wish my studio was done because I would have recorded an album by now,” he said. —TshisaLIVE

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