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Covid-19 leaves Mubayi in the cold


Award-winning Chitungwiza sculptor Shelton Mubayi has lamented that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown spanners into his work.

Mubayi, son to world-acclaimed stone carver Sylvester Mubayi, told Standard Style last week that all was not well as far as his artwork was concerned.

The artist, who operates at Chitungwiza Arts Centre, is now working from home because of the lockdown imposed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

He said a number of projects, which included foreign exhibitions and trading as well as cultural exchange programmes have been put on hold.

“I had prepared a consignment for a United States-based client and its now stuck at the warehouse,” he said.

Mubayi, a Nama award winner, who is famed for foreign exchange programmes where he is a key resource person alongside his father, said all planned meetings were in jeopardy.

“I have a contact who was to visit me all the way from Ghana, but now he is affected by Covid-19,” he said.

“There is a client, who had requested for an artwork by my father and they can’t pay for it and pick it up.”

Mubayi said notable exhibitions like Tsoko Gallery have been suspended.

“Remember I spoke to you about Tsoko Gallery, which is running in partnership with the British Residence auction and exhibition programme running throughout 2020. “Our artworks are being showcased there, for now all has been stopped,” he said.

Mubayi said mentors at the Tsoko Gallery were supposed to have reviewed the collected proposals starting March 1 and would have announced their decisions by April 22, 2020.

He said the United States embassy had enquired about his father’s work to develop a short essay that is supposed to be included in a book for an exhibition at its chancery.

Mubayi said his father’s work was part of the exhibition together with 16 other artists at the US embassy.

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