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Navarro’s star shines


RISING multi-talented local fashion and commercial model Otilia Annelie Navarro Moyo says the sky will be the limit in her endeavour to take her artistic career to greater heights, after she was chosen to be the associate producer for the Zimbabwe Actors Association.

In an interview with Standard Style, Navarro said she was going to work hard to catwalk on the international ramp and be a role model for many youngsters.

The 24-year-old model, scriptwriter and actor is currently working with NY TV on her forthcoming short series titled The Agents, expected to start shooting immediately after the end of the Covid-19 global pandemic-induced lockdown.

The country is under national lockdown as a measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus and this has hit hard all industries, and the creative sector is no exception, facing a tragedy of unprecedented level.

“During these lockdown days, I am spending much of my time preparing for the production of my short thriller series titled The Agents, which I hope to release soon after the lockdown. I am also working on scripts for more dramas,” she said.

Navarro salutes her parents for allowing her to freely express her artistic talent. “I guess I was born a model, as at the age of five I was already wearing heels. I just liked heels and had much interest in watching modelling shows. Watching models like Naomi Campbell on television fascinated and motivated me. As I was growing up, the modelling passion also grew. However, I was scared that my parents would not allow me to do it (modelling), but surprisingly, they are supportive of my career,” she said. 

“The journey started in 2017 after I had told my parents that I wanted to be someone’s role model through modelling and acting. To my surprise, they allowed me to do so. As for acting, I took it seriously in 2008 when I was in grade 7, before spreading it to church dramas and later high school dramas, continuing to now where I have started working on my own series production. I will not stop until I become an international actress, just like Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyongo, who also motivate me a lot.”

In her budding career, Navarro, who draws her inspiration from famous British model, actress and businesswoman Naomi Campbell, who has established herself as among the most sought-after models in the late 1980s, and Gigi Hadid, has so far participated in Mudhuri fashion show, as well as the 2018 edition of the Zimbabwe Fashion Week.

For her acting, Navarro said she is inspired by her role model agent Elizabeth Keen (The Blacklist). 

She is among the international company Castrol hp lubess brand ambassadors.

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