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Kumbie pins hopes on second album

By Ronnie Chisamba

Youthful Chegutu hip-hop artiste Kumbirai Muchada, aka Kumbie, is optimistic that his forthcoming album will propel him to stardom.

Kumbie will release his second album titled Switched Up Volume 2 this week online.

The album carries five tracks Sauce, Mafaro, Five-Star, God First and Vibe. Two tracks — Sauce and God First — feature his producer Brian Kadyamarunga, who is affectionately known as Brian Jeck in music circles.

The album was produced at Zero53 Productions in Chegutu and the beats are a product of Good Beats.

Kumbie admits that although his first album was well received by hip-hop fans in Chegutu, it did little to spur him to national stardom.

“The first album sold a couple of CDs here in Chegutu, but it failed to uplift me to stardom due to lack of publicity,” Kumbie said.

The 26-year-old rapper said a lot of thought went into naming the upcoming album.

“l named the album Switched Up Volume 2 because l am trying to switch up to the next level and reach a new stage in my music career,” he said.

The release of the album would be done on a number of online music platforms, including YouTube.

He said this was in line with the lockdown regulations put in place to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Born in Plumtree on November 21, 1994, Kumbie launched his musical journey in 2011. He believes his future in the music industry is bright and promises to play his part in educating and entertaining people.

“I want to be an inspirational musician to the young generation, but l would also like to influence people of all ages in positive ways through my music,” he said.

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