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Tips to Keep Your Food Budget under Control this Lockdown Season

In the middle of a pandemic where everyone is locked down and at home, one thing that should be on top of your list is cost-saving. The uncertainty of the future means that there is the prospect of the economy getting worse before it gets better. To make it even worse, staying at home tends to mean more spending on food. You likely have all the time to try out new recipes and cook for your loved ones. Sadly, without a budget, buying food can be very expensive. Are you wondering how to stay grounded during the lockdown? Well, we have compiled a few tips for you.

Go local

If you never considered what is locally available, this is the time to do so. The Coronavirus has affected a lot of farmers in terms of the supply of their produce. With most vendors closing, farmers are selling to any available customers. You can save so much money by buying directly from the source if you can. You will realize that prices are lower because there are no brokers as it is in the case of buying from stores.

Bulk is good

Did you know that bulk buying is less expensive? According to experts, bulk buying saves you up to 83% on some items. It’s that simple economy of scale concept at play. Bulk shopping allows you to buy more and spend less money on wholesale or reduced prices. You also get to buy only what you need, which in the long run, reduces wastage and those trips to the store.

Take advantage of offers

It is common practice for marts, shops, and stores both local and online to entice customers with discounts and offers on food prices. Remember, anything that gets you to spend less money is what you need this lockdown season. So, try to find the best deals and offers that can save you some bucks. Watch out for Pick n Pay deals that allow you to purchase top quality food supplies at a lower cost. You can check the specials catalog brochure before buying from the store and find the discounts you can use to save more this season.

Avoid prepared foods

According to research, it is five times more expensive to order delivery from a restaurant than to cook from home. Other than the fact that you get to decide what goes into your meal, you also get to save money. Avoid prepared foods and cook your meals since you likely have the time to do this. Experts note that restaurants charge slightly high, especially on meals with beef, pork, or chicken. Inclusive of delivery cost, you may spend a lot extra on one meal than you think.

Check the ingredients

Checking the ingredients on your favorite products is essential to ensure you buy shelf-stable products during this lockdown period. The price increase for these products is expected to be much slower because they have been stored in the warehouse, and the price for raw materials remains stable.

Wrap up

There is certainly so much money you could save by having a budget and learning a few hacks as you shop. Being locked down with little income flow is stressful enough. You do not want to couple that with a financial burden. Stay on budget and stay safe!


Author Bio: Alam Khumalo has been assisting the editorial team at Outreach Monks for more than a year now. His expertise in the retail market has been an asset to the company’s marketing team.

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