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Gospel diva bemoans economic decay

By Lowen Mutambara

Upcoming gospel musician Yvonne Kurwaisimba (picture below) has bemoaned the economic situation in the country which has affected her music career
In an interview with Standard Style, Kurwaisimba said the prevailing situation has crippled her career and the growth of music in the country.

‘’Everything needs capital, starting from recording to marketing the music. Right now, we are not able to hold shows due to the coronavirus and the government should chip in and support the music industry,’’ she said
Kurwaisimba began her music career in 2017 and has released two albums.

Last year she released her debut album titled Wanondigara Matare, which was followed by her second album called Mweya Mutsvene, released this year.

“I am still pushing hard to have my name as one of the most recognised gospel brands in Zimbabwe ,” she said.

Also known as Minister Yvonne Kurwaisimba in music circles, the musician said she was more of preacher, targeting those who do not go to church .

“We have some people who don’t go to church, but they love to listen to music so they will be encouraged to come to Christ,” she said.

Kurwaisimba grew up in Mutare and did her primary education in Dangamvura. She did her secondary education at Chinyauhware High School in the eastern border town.

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