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‘Christians must develop reading culture’

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Authors in Christian circles are struggling to sell huge volumes of literature because their main target market has low reading culture, cleric and motivational author Valerie Muchuwa has said.

Muchuwa recently launched his third book titled Power of the Tongue, a follow-up to his past work Faith Love and Hope and Results say it all.

In an interview with Standard Style last week, Muchuwa said it is a worrying trend that there is little uptake of Christian literature in a country that boasts of many church goers.

“The biggest challenge we face as Christian writers is that most of our books are bought at a very low rate because our main audience does not read much yet the bible says people perish because of lack of knowledge,” he said.

According to him, it is through reading other books and not just the bible that one can get the much needed revelation and knowledge in daily living.

“It is important to read because you will never get a person who can take you to a place where they have never been. One can only show you the direction because they have been there and so reading can give the much needed revelation and knowledge,” Muchuwa said.

Turning to his new book, which explores themes of truth, love, honesty and respect among other, the clergyman who works locally and in South Africa said:

“Most people need to know it’s not about the demonic world that rules more in our lives. Instead it’s some of the words we speak into the future that cause our lives to be in the dark. So there is need to know more about the power our tongues have.”

Muchuwa promised to release more books that he has written, but yet to official publish for the benefit of those in need of new revelation around the scriptures and Christian living in the modern world.

“What motivates me is the need to educate people because the tongue is like a stick of matches that burns the whole forest. I get motivation from the Holy Spirit who teaches us so it makes no sense if he teaches us and we don’t teach others,” he said

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