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Sanii Makhalima bounces back

BY Kennedy Nyavaya

Award-winning songwriter and producer Sanii Makhalima is back to dish out lyrics that could change the face of love and relationships in the uncertain era of Covid-19.

Makhalima, famed for his timeless discography of lovers hits, released his much anticipated 10-track album titled B-rokenhearted on Friday.

While it may be hard to imagine that he could recreate the magic of yesteryear hits, the Ndipe Rudo singer told Standard Style that he had put all in producing the project.

“Each time I drop a project there is always pressure to try and match or surpass the last one, but there is very little I can do except always try my best. “I am a perfectionist, who believes in all my work, I try and and release what I am content with,” he said.

The new album, featuring Nox, Julian King, Mai Titi and 5nine, comes at a time Makhalima’s fans had been calling for new music although he concedes that satisfying their urge was a taxing process given the different restrictions to curb Covid-19 globally.

“This was the most difficult album I have ever put across because I was never in the studio physically with the featuring artistes. So we recorded from across the world, sharing files and ideas digitally, so it was really tough and it took a longer period,” he said.

“The title was picked out by the fans, so I thank them dearly for asking someone to break my heart so I could release music, here we go, B-rokenhearted is here.”

A weekly scattered release of videos to the songs on the album has also been scheduled with visuals for Hazvichaiti already out on YouTube while another one premieres this Thursday.

He may be known for a powerful voice when it comes to relationships and subsequent heartbreaks, but Makhalima has not been silent on other issues affecting the nation. Makhalima has dared to talk about what fellow artistes shy away from.

“People like to call it politics and that is their definition, but when my future and dreams are in jeopardy it becomes a very big personal matter to me because I am not getting any younger and it not my intention to be poverty-stricken or live in a poor land,” he said.

“The environment we are living in is killing dreams, not just for us but future generations. So when I sit down and I am vocal about it, I think about my kids because they cannot fight the same battles I fought. It would mean there is no progress and I have failed them.”

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