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Kwekwe gospel musician torches social media frenzy

By Sandra Maricho

KWEKWE-based gospel musician Julia Nyengera has torched a social media frenzy after taking advantage of various social media platforms to buttress her music brand.

The gospel diva recently released a single titled Dzimwe Nguva which was well-received by gospel music lovers and has been on top 10 charts on Mbire TV, a South Africa-based online television channel.

Speaking in an interview with Standard Style, Nyengera said she was grateful for the overwhelming response she was getting from fans all over as she communicates with them on social media.

“I am so thankful for the love and support l get from my fans because they encourage me to continue doing more music. I have taken advantage of the increased number of people on social media during the lockdown period to reach out as many people as l can,” she said.

“Produced by Laiton Ngolomi, Dzimwe Nguva is all about revealing the faithfulness of God that He fulfils whatever He promises His people though it might take long. The message gives hope to Christians so that they remain faithful to God through doing good always.

“My music is mostly centred on hope, faithfulness and restoration. So it gives hope to the hopeless and faith to those who doubt God’s power. My main goal is to preach the Word of God through my music and making sure it impacts peoples’ lives.”

Nyengera encouraged other musicians to continue pushing their music on social media platforms because that’s the only way to go.

“Due to the Covid-19-induced lockdown, people are spending more time on social media which is a positive move for us musicians to also make use of the platforms to interact with fans and market our music,” she said.

Nyengera has released tracks such as Broken Hearts and Amanikondaine, among others.

She also collaborated with Bethany Pasinawako-Ngolomi and still wants to do more collaborations with other musicians as a strategy to expand her fan base.

Currently, the gospel diva is working on a video of the track Broken Hearts which is expected to be released later this month.

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