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Hip-hop starlet hails Takura

Local upcoming hip-hop artiste Prosper Zhorani says he is inspired by prominent rapper Takura and is now working hard to get recognition in the cut-throat music industry.

BY Lowen Mutambara

Speaking to Standard Style last week, Zhorani said he got inspiration from the Zvemoyo singer, whom he described as the “goat” of the genre.

“I’m an upcoming hip-hop artiste and I got inspiration from Zim hip-hop superstar Takura,” Zhorani said.

“Sometimes I sing gospel and urban grooves, but next year I am promising to release more music.”

The youthful musician said they formed their own group called Typa Grind Gang with the aim of identifying and exposing talent.

“We formed our own musical group which is the brainchild of our brother Takura, who is so keen about helping new talent,” he said.

Zhorani, popularly known as Peezle The Brook in music circles, started his career in 2016 when he released a single titled Feeling Good which received fair play on local radio stations.

He said he was looking forward to join hands and work with other top musicians, citing Ti-Gonzi and Takura for future collaborations.

“It’s not easy for upcoming artistes to get airplay on radio. It needs one to explore new production strategies and innovations, but all that needs financial support,” he said.

Zhorani encouraged his fans to support their music. Since 2016 he has released 12 singles.

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