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Mabvuku granny gets ADF support

MWANA Chipo Africa Trust founder Heaven Munyuki says people should not ridicule those who have problems in conceiving as barrenness is not a curse, but a condition which requires medical help or God’s intervention.


Munyuki made the remarks at the handover ceremony for groceries and a wheelchair to an 80-year-old widow, Agnes “Gogo MuZambia” Blackstone of New Mabvuku mobilised through partnership with Alfred Dondo Foundation (ADF) and Impala Car Rental.

Munyuki hailed ADF’s timely intervention saying the groceries and wheelchair had come as an early Christmas present for Gogo MuZambia, who is facing challenges with her advanced age.

“After we learnt of the Alfred Dondo Foundation’s charity work, we reached out so that Gogo MuZambia could get assistance in view of her condition,” Munyuki said.

“Apart from food scarcity, her right leg is now swollen after she was injured in an accident 20 years ago. This wheelchair will go a long way in ensuring her mobility.

“We were told that when Gogo was operated, a metal plate was inserted in an effort to correct the broken bone, but up to now the plate has not been removed due to lack of funds.

“The leg is now swollen and we hear that she has developed cancer. Our fears are that the cancer is spreading quickly and she needs money to be operated.”

Munyuki said having gone through the same problem as Gogo MuZambia, together with his wife they were inspired to form Mwana Chipo Africa Trust, an association which works towards helping infertile people not only with moral support, but to boost their self-esteem.

“After enduring eight years of marriage with my wife Dorothy without a child, I then put myself in Gogo MuZambia’s shoes as she was previously married, but does not have any children of her own after she failed to conceive,” he said.

“Putting ourselves into Gogo MuZambia’s shoes, we realised that she needed us to embrace her regardless of her condition. To some, they take it as a curse, but to me and my wife we have embraced it since we faced the same problem.”

Munyuki said people willing to assist Gogo MuZambia can get in touch with them.

Gogo MuZambia’s in-law Lydia Sokoloko, who has been nursing her for a while, appealed for protectvive clothing as at times Gogo messes herself due to old age.

“I have a huge task to perform, but I have to do it. My wish is to at least get protectvive clothing since I am handling her without gloves,” she said.

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