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Black Elisha vows to ‘block’ Xmas accidents

Controversial Bulawayo preacher Mduduzi Dube, popularly known as Black Elisha, says he will use his “spiritual powers” to “block” road accidents during the festive season.

By Sindiso Dube

Last year 138 people died in 1 518 road accidents during the three weeks of the festive period from December 13, 2019 to January 6, 2020, according to data from the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

A total of 565 people were injured in the accidents.

Black Elisha’s healing and deliverance is characterised by use of a “spiritual padlock” and told Standard Style that he would use the “padlock” to stop road accidents.

“It’s now a norm that when it’s the festive season, death, especially from road accidents, is the order of the day, but we have to put a stop to that,” the preacher said.

“We can’t let the devil take away more of what he has taken from us this year. Already the year has been the worst ever and we lost many people, friends, relatives, workmates and congregants.

“During the festive season, the devil will be praying for more bloodshed and we should pray against that. I have been on the mountain over the issue. God showed me that we should continue using the ‘spiritual padlock’ to curb carnages.

“Prayer defeats the works of the devil and with the spiritual padlock through God, we shall see through a prosperous new year filled with the creator’s blessings.”

Black Elisha defended his controversial use of the “spiritual padlock” to centrally lock married couples.

“I’m not a traditional healer or anything of that sort. The spiritual padlock is to unlock greatness and God’s blessings that would have been blocked by the devil,” he said.

“When I lock someone, it is because they are unfaithful. This has nothing to do with dark powers, but what is important is strengthening the institution of marriage which is one of the cornerstones of our religion.”

Black Elisha is the founder and leader of Christ Life Generation Church which congregates in Old Magwegwe, Bulawayo.

He first made headlines in 2015 after he reportedly prayed for a local businessperson who had nursed an unusual 10-month pregnancy and in the end delivered a bullfrog at Mpilo Central Hospital.

The preacher later claimed his congregants got blessed with “miracle gold” during a church service in the city.

The cleric recently claimed that he brought to life the shrunk manhood of an adulterous man he had allegedly “locked” at the instigation of his jealous wife.

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