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Shoko releases precursor single

Botswana-based multi-genre Zimbabwean artiste Nigel Charity Shoko (51) is set to release a sungura track ahead of his forthcoming six-track album.

By Ronnie Chisamba

Titled Tipei Meso, the track will be launched on online platforms next Friday.

Tipei Meso literally translates to “open our eyes”. The track highlights people’s predicaments in their efforts to choose the correct path which leads to God — in the midst of deceivers. It calls on the Almighty to show people the right avenue as true believers of the divine word are stuck at the crossroads.

Produced through digital platforms in Harare by Jabulani Ndlovu at Trutone Studios, Tipei Meso is one of the songs on Shoko’s forthcoming album titled Munekudya Mudariro.

Other songs on the album include Zvipfukuto (Weevils), Mafaro, Zivai Tsika and lshe Ndionewo.

“After the release of the album, we will focus on the production of videos for all our work [old and new], online performances and online music sales,” Shoko told Standard Style.

The frontman for a 16-member group Mberengwa Express Band comprising of 10 Zimbabweans and six Batswana, Shoko embarked on his music career in 2001.

He has five albums under his belt and has worked with popular musicians such as Alick Macheso, Leonard Zhakata, the late Tongai Moyo, Sulumani Chimbetu and Dr Tawanda.

Currently he is riding on the waves of success with a reggae track Zano — a tribute to slain seven-year-old Murehwa boy Tapiwa Makore.

Zano was released last month and was used as a jingle on one of Voice of America’s Studio 7’s programmes just a few hours after its release.

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