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Ruvheneko’s Chasing the Sun to lighten up Harare

By Takemore Mazuruse

Necessity is the mother of invention and it takes a great mind to create a concept that suits not only their personal needs, but those of the people around them.

For many, the hope of enjoying good music, food and drinks while networking in a progressive way was fast  becoming a nightmare seeing the spike in Covid-19 cases and related deaths.

How to balance compliance to Covid-19 regulations and ensure safety for all while providing meaningful entertainment value for those that love fun had evaded many.

Amid all this gloom, enters Chasing the Sun, an amazing outdoor concept created by radio and TV personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa (pictured right).

According to her, Chasing the Sun was birthed by the pure need to find something to do in this country given that she doesn’t enjoy night clubs and being indoors. Ruvheneko prefers outdoor life, hence the unique concept to “chase the sun” in Harare as was the case at Danai Farm on Unity Day, outside the capital city, all over Zimbabwe, in the region and even across the contnient as long as there is the sun.

“I am not reclusive and I prefer the fun of outdoor life as compared to the limitations of nightclubs and being indoors,” Ruvheneko told Standard Style.

“Given that we have a beautiful venue in Danai Farm, which is situated a few kilometres out of Harare along Domboshava Road, I thought to explore the  beauty of this outdoor food, drinks and networking experience given the limitations of central Harare, hence the birth of this concept.”

The vibrant media personality described  Chasing the Sun as a lifestyle, which she hopes many will enjoy and that it will grow beyond what is happening at the moment.

“This concept will grow beyond what our followers are experiencing at the moment. We have a method to this craze and it will shock many in the industry,” she said.

“We will have this Chasing the Sun experience beyond Harare, into the region and the continent as long there is a sun rising and setting.”

True to the assertion that we may all be in the gutter, but some chose to look at the stars, Ruvheneko also intimated that the concept is based on her personal experiences.

“This concept is also birthed from my personal experiences that no matter what happens in life, the sun will rise and set every single day,” she said.

“Whether you choose to sleep on that sun is your choice. Whether you choose not to look up and appreciate the beauty of the sun in the sky is your choice. The concept is modelled around a positive attitude in life as espoused through the healthy fun at our events.”

And just like the beauty of the Zimbabwean sun mesmerises many a traveller, Danai Farm was the setting for this unique happening on Unity Day as the privileged few that attended the food, drinks and networking fiesta enjoyed themselves to the maximum.

With strict adherence to Covid-19 regulations, merry-makers got sanitised right by the entrance to the farm while getting reminded to mask up and observe social distancing.

The presence of law enforcement agents and private security guards was also reassuring and gave patrons peace of mind as they went about their business.

“While we are alive to the limitations of the Covid-19 situation, we also remain alive to its dangers especially given the rise in cases and related deaths,” Ruvheneko said.

“We have therefore made it a point that all those coming through get sanitised, get reminded of the need to mask-up and to observe social distance as they enjoy the fun and chase the sun. Security is also heightened and we are rest assured everything is under control.”

Chasing the Sun comes as a relief to people who appreciate the beauty of the sun and outdoor life especially given the limited outdoor venues in Harare and Ruvheneko said she will be unpacking more about the concept as it grows.

“The venue options in Harare are limited and you may end up going to the same place over and over again in the course of a month, hence I believe Chasing the Sun at Danai Farm for starters is a huge relief, but, of course, we will take the concept around Zimbabwe and beyond,” she said.

“We will be ‘chasing the sun’ for as long as conditions and circumstances allow and it is also no coincidence that my name Ruvheneko means the light.”

The concept promises to be a real banger and game-changer if the ambience at the Tuesday event was anything to go by and some of the interviewed patrons and officials who graced the event spoke glowingly about it.

Businessman and arts promoter Exevia Maoneke, of Wezhaz Executive Cars, said the concept was a shoe-in given the Covid-19 situation and called on organisers to ensure food and drinks supplies are guaranteed.

“I was blown away by this event. It demonstrates great creativity and will certainly give some of the flagship events a good run for their money,” Maoneke said.

“They have convincing compliance to Covid-19 regulations and the DJs know how to entertain. I hope they also consider the option of engaging guest artistes and ensure that they have enough supply of food and drinks because this will grow bigger.”

Maoneke’s sentiments were echoed by women’s rights activist and entrepreneur Alice Tagwira of She Glows and ZHEERA Trust, who commended the organisers for thinking outside the box.

“This is so refreshing. The whole setting is just unique, the social distancing, haystack seats for those with a knack for nature and the varied food and drinks options,” Tagwira said.

“I really enjoyed Chasing the Sun and I salute my sister Ruvheneko for conceptualising this. The possibilities are too many and I really pray for the best.”

The dignified and well-behaved audience also did justice to the event as there were no incidents of violence or any rowdy behaviour. Patrons demonstrated mutual respect for each other. The event can easily pass for a high-end yet affordable and rewarding concept.

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