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‘Music is the therapy we need’

By Gumisai Nyoni

The Covid-19-induced lockdowns will leave a trail of destruction, including trauma, depression and rising divorce cases. South Africa-based Zimbabwean musician Precious Hanya, known in arts circles as Mr P, says the remedy to the crises resulting from the effects of the global novel coronavirus is music.

Through his single Swedera recorded by Lyke D at Underground Studio in Johannesburg and released last week, Mr P stressed that there is power in music to cement shaky marriage bonds.

Shifting his focus this time from jazz to jiti, the musician stresses the need for couples to learn and tolerate each other’s mistakes in trying times, hence the title of the song Swedera, which literally translates to come closer.

In the song, he encourages couples to explore the best in their lives to protect their families from errant characters bent on destroying their marriages.

In the midst of suffering and trauma arising from economic difficulties, some families have failed to stand the heat and ended up parting ways.

Mr P says music is therapeutic and given the chance in everyone’s life, it can be the utmost remedy to reshape broken bonds.

“In the song Swedera, I am urging those in love to stay strong and remain focused despite tribulations they may be encountering. Lockdowns have transformed the way we live. Some couples had not been used to spending time together, but they must learn to do so and strengthen their relationships,” he said. “The entertainment industry plays an integral role in giving hope and advice in situations where families could be failing to find common ground. The jiti beat I chose resonates well with my desire to entertain and give lighter moments to depressed minds. A lot of dancing is required if one is to really enjoy Swedera. Dancing, besides being a sign of appreciation of music, heals. That is why I shifted to jiti, so that my audience can shake off their troubles.”

Mr P added: “The track is ideal for parties and other functions, in which men will be inviting their wives to get closer, as they grace the dance floor.”

With two albums to his name; The Beginning and The Return, launced in 2006 and 2020 respectively, Mr P promises his fans more music that stimulates them to pursue their dreams.

“My fans should keep on supporting me and expect good food for the ears because music is the answer for world problems today. Without music, everything comes to a standstill,” he said.

Apart from music, Mr P is involved in charity work in the country, through supporting various organisations geared towards assisting people living with disabilities.


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