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Patience Musa, Zezuru, Prayersoul in ‘Threesum’

By Sindiso Dube

Digital content consumers have been introduced to a new and exciting podcast, Threesum, hosted by the trio of radio personality Patience Musa, musician Prayersoul and media personality Zezuru Rockstar.

The podcast premiered its first episode a fortnight ago, which tackled issues to do with relationships in Harare, music, sex and sex tapes.

The show, which targets adults, aged 28 and above, sees Musa bringing in beauty, colour and maturity. Prayersoul comes in with a husband and parent’s side of view, while Zezuru Rockstar is a young man struggling to get married clouded with commitment issues.

Speaking to Standard Style, Zezuru Rockstar said the idea was to shift from the traditional media.

“The name Threesum has nothing to do with an act of sexual intercourse between three people, but it means three awesome people.

“We are trying to shift from the traditional media way of doing things; we know it’s hard to get an operating licence, hence we have to opt for podcasts and the internet. We hope to see more digital creations on the internet as the audience has shifted from traditional media to the digital space.

“We want to discuss issues that adults of the age 28 and above go through and experience every day. We are simply giving new voices to everyday issues and we managed to bring together three people and ideas from different worlds apart,” he said.

The podcast is produced by Terms and Conditions Media, a new media organisation that handles productions and artistes’ business.

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