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Masoka breathes life into Murewa

By Style Reporter

Youthful businessman Nyasha Masoka has brought life to neglected Murewa South constituency through establishing sustainable developmental projects for the benefit of the villagers, newly resettled farmers and vulnerable members of the society.

Masoka, also Zanu PF Bopoto district secretary for transport, has taken it upon himself to deal with the bad state of the roads in Murewa through availing more than 15 000 litres of fuel to the local authority for road rehabilitation.

Standard Style on Friday toured Murewa South to grace some of the projects with road maintenance and rehabilitation going on well.

“I am giving back to the community and it is my desire for people to experience meaningful development. I confirm that I gave council some fuel worth            US$20 000 for its motorised graders as well as other road equipment. I am happy that road rehabilitation has begun. The farmers need better roads. I call upon other like-minded people to chip in so that we fund developmental projects in our area,” said Masoka.

A number of youths have been enrolled at Chipinda where they are being trained as nurse aides.

“The youths can’t be idle always, hence this programme of enrolling at Elite Nursing School where they are being trained as nurse aides. I asked for each village head to provide a youth from his area and today we have 58 youths who are training. Our target is for a total of 300 people to be trained in our area,” he said.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing its worst Covid-19 fight that has also paralysed economies the world over. Government has so far put in place measures to contain the spread of the disease since March last year with restrictions that has resulted in families failing to fend for themselves.

Masoka, however, has been donating food hampers to villagers and those vulnerable as a way to cushion them.

He also introduced the popular ‘Kugaya NaMasoka (Grinding with Masoka)  where villagers grind their maize to mealie meal for free.

“We are living in Covid-19 times where most of the people have become vulnerable due to lockdowns.  I found it noble to assist with food hampers. I started the Kugaya NaMasoka scheme where people do grind their maize meal for free, I do pay the grinding mill owner,” he said.

As if that is not generous enough, Masoka introduced four buses in the area to ease transport woes. The introduction of buses was welcomed by the villagers as transporters were shunning the rural routes due to the bad state of the roads.

“I am implementing a number of projects for the betterment of the villagers. We are currently drilling boreholes for young people to venture into horticulture farming. We do train the youths in horticulture production before empowering them. We are aiming at increasing yields at household level through hosting field shows where best farmers walk away with prizes,” he said.

Scores of people told this paper that Masoka has been doing a great job in uplifting the lives of people as well as developing the area.

Some of the projects being implemented in the constituency include community gardens, borehole drilling for Zunde Ramambo projects and piggery, among others.

Elite Nursing School director Angelica Garira confirmed that they have received youths to be trained as nurse aides.

“We received close to 60 youths who were referred by Masoka. According to the law, we are allowed to trained 15 people per batch, hence we are going to have four batches,” Garira said.

“We were told that more youths are coming up to 300 and we are ready for them. The provision is that after this first course, the students can choose to get further training on some of the nursing courses.”

A Murewa Rural District Council councillor, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the local authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Masoka over road rehabilitation.

“I confirm that council signed an MoU with Masoka on him funding road rehabilitation in the area. He handed over 15 000 plus litres of fuel and council is expected to engage District Development Fund and government to get more road equipment so that a massive road rehabilitation exercise is carried out,” the councillor said.

“It is a good move by the young man given that government declared our roads a national disaster and here we have businesspeople who want to assist.”

Government announced an ambitious road rehabilitation programme which has since been supported by a US$480 million facility from Treasury. The programme targets major highways, roads under rural and urban local authorities as well as bridges and other drainage structures.

Provincial Affairs minister for Mashonaland East Aplonia Munzverengi was expected to launch the road rehabilitation programme for the province last week.

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