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I want to make mama proud – Prince Boyah

By Kennedy Nyavaya

From mumbling lyrics in every song and choosing to stay shirtless as a trademark look, Prince “Boyah” Ndinga is an apt definition of eccentric and he is ready to dazzle the nation while making his late mother proud.

Born and raised in Norton, the 23-year-old, who broke into the limelight through a controversial track titled Buri,  last week dropped his latest Mwana Wani Uyo, adding to his growing discography.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Standard Style, Prince Boyah opened up about how his family has been appreciative of his talent and why he would not rest until “I make my mother proud”.

“I want my mom to be proud of me although she passed on. I also want to take care of my sister when I make it because unlike other artistes, I never faced any challenges from them because these people liked my art before anyone else did,” he said.

Describing his different style as a product of chance and preparedness, the chanter says he has over 70 tracks in his career and is happy with the progress he has made so far.

“I do not know where the mumbling came from but I just found myself doing it in the studio, so I think it was God’s way of ushering me in with a unique style,” he said.

“When I started that I also removed my T-shirt so that is why you see me not wearing anything on my upper body most of the time because it all started at the same time.”

While his style has attracted criticism and labelling from across the spectrum, – particularly mumbling of perceived vulgarities – the Mashroom Media signee insists that his ingenuity is purely clean and art emanating from a sober persona.

“People know I am a devoted member of the Johane Masowe church and I do not take drugs or beer,” he said.

“My art is unique in its own way and there is nothing amiss about it, but the audience is free to interpret it in a way that is enjoyable to them.”

Meanwhile, Prince Boyah has pledged to release more music and visuals as the year progresses in a bid to establish a long-lasting stint in the competitive local music sector.

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