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Jeys explains switch to reggae

By Sindiso Dube

Afro-Jazz-cum-reggae musician Jeys Marabini says telling an African story from his heart is what inspired his new and rare reggae track — Jah Deliver Us.

Jah Deliver Us was released last month, accompanied by visuals that have been making waves on television and online video-sharing platform YouTube.

Jah Deliver Us implores leaders to help the world that is in turmoil with pandemics, wars, and other challenges.

“Reggae is an international sound. Reggae music speaks to the soul and heart, it’s music with a message. In this song, we are talking about the problems that are being faced in the world like wars and Covid-19. I wanted to grow as a musician and come out of my comfort zone, hence trying a new sound and genre. I am happy and humbled by the positive response to the new track, it’s amazing,” he said.

“I had never done reggae before, but I grew up loving the genre and I’m inspired by the greats like Bob Marley and Lucky Dube, their music carried deep messages. I love music with an identity. If you listen to my reggae you can tell that I am Zimbabwean, I didn’t want to change and sound foreign and I did not mix languages. I wanted an identity and also to celebrate being me and being African.”

Marabini went on to reveal that it took him and his team a year to come up with the track.

“It took us a lot of time working on this track, almost a year to come up with this production. We kept on changing ideas with my producer Ramadu and we worked hard with the band. This track was recorded live, there is no digital production from the drums, percussion, guitars, and vocals. We just played from the heart and we are proud of the outcome,” he said.

Marabini, who now sports reggae attire at every public appearance, says he is taking up reggae full swing.

“I am much into reggae, I will be doing more music and maybe an album. I am getting messages from people encouraging me to continue with the genre. I am looking forward to shows being given the green light so that I can perform it to the public,” said Marabini.

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