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Madzitire dramas highlight plight of foreigners in SA

By Lowen Mutambara

South Africa-based comedian Alick Madzitire is to release a drama series, which focuses on the lives of foreigners in that country.

In an interview with Standard Style, Madzitire said they have launched a YouTube channel titled Team Vannesa where they have released 11 videos focusing on the welfare of workers, domestic affairs and behaviour of children of foreigners living in South Africa.

“We have opened our YouTube channel and we have 11 videos and our aim is to go forward and highlight the plight of workers mainly foreigners here in South Africa. They are getting low wages, but they continue going to work,” Madzitire said.

The comedian said they also highlight challenges faced by foreign women who are sexually-abused left, right and centre in South Africa.

“Women are the most affected by gender-based violence including sexual harassment at their workplaces while earning very low salaries. Because of their low incomes, men would want to take advantage by treating them unfairly. We hope our drama series will help raise awareness on gender-based violence,” he said.

Madzitire said another area of focus was on drug abuse by youths, particularly foreigners who are out of employment.

He said it was their duty as artistes to fight drug abuse using any form of art and in this case, using drama.

“Many of our youths in South Africa no longer listen to their parents and some of them are engaged in drugs mainly our fellow Zimbabweans. We want to believe highlighting some of the dangers of drug abuse would help raise awareness among our youths,” Madzitire said.

The comedian encouraged people to subscribe to their YouTube channel dubbed Team Vannesa and has promised more exciting and educating dramas.

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