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Madlela ropes in son in new project


Multi-award winning musician-cum-comedian Mothusi Bashimane Ndlovu, aka Madlela Skhobokhobo, has roped in his son, Boithabelo Molekane Ndlovu, aka Basotho, on his latest single.

He believes in giving young artistes an opportunity to take over from the older generation of musicians.

Madlela released his track, Umona, recently where he paraded his son Basotho, Bluerose, Siza Mdlongwa and Mcheznana.

“I believe in giving talented young people like him an opportunity not because he is my son, but because he is very talented and of course he needs to carry on with the legacy.  After all, it’s a talent within our family and it has to continue, not die,” Madlela told Standard Style.

“The song came out on May 14 and features various artistes. The reason why I feature these young people is to get people to start noticing their talent.”

Madlela, who recently secured a lucrative deal in South Africa with Cambridge Food, a food retailer powered by Masscash, and was featured on a South African advert, said it is satisfying to see his son do what he loves most and he will support him in every path he takes.

“Most parents don’t want their children to venture into music because of different reasons like — music doesn’t pay. You can’t run from your shadow,” he said.

“This was bound to happen; we are a family of the arts so he can’t escape. You do what you know and the notion that arts do not pay is a big lie. I know artistes who are millionaires.

“Our problem in this country is not the arts, but the economy and the fact that we don’t have a strong arts industry, but besides that arts pay. I have done projects in SA and I can gladly say arts in that country pay a lot.”

The SaMaMoe hitmaker said he mentored his son, but is not a rhumba fan above all as he has other role models as well.

“I am his mentor. I teach him a lot about the art, but i think he has his own role models as well and other artistes that he looks up to like Skaiva and Black Diamond… he loves them. I have a small problem with that because he needs to start home (laughs),” Madlela said.

“He does not like or follow rhumba music, but he knows I am not all about the genre, but very versatile. I write some of the choruses on his songs yet to be released. He likes all of my work except rhumba. You know how hip-hop people are.”

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