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Six Oh intimate pictures leak

By Sindiso Dube

Romantic images of Bulawayo-based rapper Six Oh have set social media ablaze amid revelations that the hip-hop star could be shooting a film with award-winning director Rasquisite.

Six Oh is seen sitting seductively behind a female who is clad in a body-hugging and white skimpy dress. In another image, the rapper is seen carrassing and kissing the female while she balanced her figure on a washing machine.

The rapper is also seen on a picnic setup with the same girl, in summer wear, with a skimpy skirt leaving nothing to imagination.

Fans, who woke up to the images of the rapper were left interpreting if it was a music video or a film, since the artiste once promised to release a short film last year.

Six Oh told Standard Style on Friday that it was unfortunate that the images were cut-outs from his forthcoming project.

“The pictures are from a new project that I will be sharing with the people,” Six Oh said.

“I have been holding back the surprise, but since the cat is out of the bag now ,I guess I have no option, but to release the project.

“I can’t really say it’s a film or a music video as I want this to be a surprise for my fans, all I can say is it’s a portrayal of a soft, good life filled with love.”

Six Oh has worked with Stunner on the songs Matanga and Love to Hate while with Tha Dawg they did  Ndewekwedu Uyo.

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