The Centurion adapts to Covid-19


The Centurion Pub and Grill has undertaken to revise its operations in order to stay in business in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

Early this year President Emmerson Mnangagwa allowed restaurants to continue operating on the condition that they only provide take-aways and deliveries while allowing a handful of sit-down dining.

It is against such a backdrop that The Centurion Pub and Grill, located inside Harare Sports Club, has modified its way of doing business in accordance with Covid-19 regulations.

“We are now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please note, we are operating in accordance with the Covid-19 regulations,” said Jax Nettelton, one of the directors of the joint.

Nettelton operates the pub alongside her husband Lance as well as Takawira Tawengwa, both prominent restaurateurs in their own right.

She said even if the chilly weather does take a turn for the worse, inside Centurion Pub and Grill it’s so comfortable and cosy that allows patrons to soak up the merry-making spirit.

“We now have heaters to keep customers warm during the evening. Tuesdays we are hosting quiz nights whereby patrons participate while enjoying their meals,” Nettelton said.

“Our breakfasts are most popular on Saturday morning as people watch rugby as well as on Sunday after church scenarios.”

She said the joint is known for its home-made finger-licking chilly sauce and its signature Centurion biltong.

Nettelton said the joint was open to the public and it’s not restricted club members.

She said with Mnangagwa announcing the resumption of live shows, Centurion is likely to revert to its traditional entertainment calendar.

On Tuesday, Centurion hosted quiz nights, while Thursday is reserved for karaoke. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights it’s music throughout with a DJ in attendance. Sunday is also set aside for music.

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