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Promiscuity inspires MKZ Bwilliganz new trackC

By Sindiso Dube

Bulawayo-based musician MKZ Bwilliganz says 21st century promiscuous relationships and marriages propelled him to produce a track titled Kudyirwa Mabhebhi, which was released with a video last Monday on Zim Celebs TV.

The video portrays a man who leaves his wife at home and comes back to find her in a compromising position in their matrimonial bedroom.

“The song is about social issues that happen on a daily basis. Relationships and marriages these days are full of promiscuity and untrustworthy,” said MKZ Bwilliganz.

“We see married women having extramarital affairs with their husbands’ friends, workmates, neighbours and so forth and such issues are not discussed in the open. I decided to take the issue to a public platform through a song.

“There are so many intersections in this modern world, which has corrupted relationships and we urge people to stick to their partners and stop the spread of sexually-transmitted infections”

MKZ Bwilliganz has been working hard lately and his last release, titled Murudo, came just after Valentine’s Day.

The track is a love song between two individuals, who appear to have a stumbling block against them in the form of their families.

They continue loving each other till they get married and prove their families wrong.

MKZ Bwilliganz has also worked with Mzoe 7 on a track dubbed Sharayi. The singer and dancer has promised more music videos and collaborations.

“I will be busy this year and I promise more music and visuals,” he said.

“I believe in putting a picture to a story that I tell hence every song should be accompanied by visuals.

“I will be working with other guys, new and old as I believe there is power in collaborations and it also brings a cross pollination of audiences and fans.”

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