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Faith Candy clarifies her Dubai jaunt


For those with a penchant for shopping and adventure, Dubai happens to be their destination of choice.

Dubai is endowed with extremely large shopping malls and a plethora of designer boutiques in addition to recreation amenities that gives that authentic leisure experience.

Zimbabwean musician-cum-businesswoman Faith Candy was enamored by the wonder offered by the United Arab Emirates city.

She described her recent visit to the Western Asian city as more of business tourism than a shopping spree.

“Dubai is a well-developed country. I enjoyed everything both in business and in social life,” Faith Candy told Standard Style.

“I managed to visit the desert, designer shops like Zara, Michael Kors and Reebok, among others. The experience was just something else as I discovered a lot of things including business ideas, which I’m going to introduce in my country.”

Faith Candy, who posted pictures of her Dubai experience on her social media platforms, said her visit was an eye-opener with regards to enhancing her entrepreneurship skills.

“Engaging with other businesspeople in that country, I got to understand the importance of having capital when doing business and how best one can maximise profit,” she said.

“Dubai gave me the understanding of my client base and comparing the market.”

The musician-cum-model said she was overjoyed by the reception she got on foreign lands something she said was hard to come by in her home country.

“It is important to use whatever information you get to your advantage in a foreign country and don’t be hesitant to ask questions and explore new ways of doing business with new trading partners,” Faith Candy said.

“People I met in that country are very supportive, something that is rare in our country.”

Faith Candy, who also operates a hair and skin care business, Faith Candy Beauty Products, said her trip to Dubai was also a tourism escapade.

“Sometimes you also need to refresh, go out there and have time to shop around,” she said.

“It is not a crime to spoil yourself with your hard-earned cash. You also need to be very open-minded, but you also need to promptly make transactional decisions taking into consideration risk in business.”

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