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Social enterprising good for development: Wezhaz

Takemore Mazuruse

Chivi-born businessman, philanthropist and arts promoter Exevia “Wezhaz” Maoneke believes there is no nobler profession than service to humanity and that social enterprise is the benchmark for meaningful community development.

For that reason, he is deliberately scaling up his corporate social investment activities in the capital and back in his rural roots of Masvingo.

“I have always believed that we are blessed for others and I am happy to play my part in making life better for the less-privileged in society as a committed social entrepreneur,” Maoneke said.

“I have seen it all in business. The highs and lows and all the challenges that entrepreneurship comes with but I am convinced that social enterprise is the way to go. There is a certain satisfaction that it comes with and being someone who has experienced the downside of life; I feel duty bound to give back to society.”

To buttress this thinking, Maoneke, who has for a long time helped young entrepreneurs find their feet and supported the local arts industry, is championing various community development projects in his rural home area of Chivi in Masvingo province.

“I have supported various developmental and national projects in the past among them the Zimbabwe Music Awards through our Wezhaz Executive Cars brand while giving a launch pad to local artistes through the Wezhaz Bar under Wezhaz Entertainment,” he said.

“We have also been part of the brands that care initiative where we donate to the less privileged every year end in accordance with the Christmas spirit of giving.

“All self-respecting Zimbabweans must spare a thought for the less-privileged and that way we will make the world a better place.”

Maoneke said it was important that people of means play their part in proferring solutions to everyday community challenges.

“I am a firm believer in home grown solutions to everyday challenges and I am happy to support my community and other government led development projects in my own way,” he said.

“Government cannot go it alone and it’s important that we all become part of the solution by way of championing and supporting sustainable community development projects.”

The enterprising businessman,  who has interests in car sales, entertainment, real estate and commodity broking, said while he has always been giving back to the community, he will continue working with progressive minds in his spaces and the local leadership in his home area to alleviate human suffering.

“Beyond seeking business excellence and adding value to the economy, I believe in giving back to the community and I have always been supporting the less privileged in my rural home area of Chivi in Masvingo,” he said.

“I have paid tuition fees for students at Mangwana Primary School in Chivi and I am happy to be playing that corporate social responsibility role even more now, in support of government’s national development strategy.”

Maoneke, who two weeks ago made chubby door donations to Chishavakadzi and Domboshava schools, which recently got exam centre status from the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) was at it again last weekend after he made good on some promises he made at the previous donations handover.

“When we made the chubby door donations to the schools to ensure quality education given their newly accorded exam center status, we also made some promises to further support community development in Chivi district,” Maoneke said.

“This is why we were back in the district last weekend together with the local leadership to give more support and explore ways through which we can enhance development.”

Maoneke recently visited Mazhaugwe clinic in Ward 12 of Chivi where he donated cash towards the clinic project completion.

“We can’t talk of meaningful development without considering the health and well being of our communities and last week we visited Mazhaugwe Clinic in Ward 12 which is still under construction,” he said.

“Villagers are walking 21km to Chivi District Hospital and there is no public transport access in case of emergencies.

“With the construction of Mazhaugwe Clinic still at slab level, I then donated $50 000 for  the builders’ upkeep. Three builders and 14 assistants are working voluntarily at the clinic project,  hence our support to make their work more bearable.”

After the clinic donation, Maoneke also went to Nyazhau dip tank, which is also under construction in the same Ward.

“Our support for the new dip tank is because the nearest functional dip tank is 20km away near Chivi growth point,” he said.

“The Nyazhau dip tank will serve Ward 12 and 16 and I also donated cement, treated polls and fence for the completion of the project. I also gave US$100 for the builders and worksuits for seven builders.”

In Ward 11, Maoneke donated a soccer kit and balls to Mhiti Raiders, a social soccer team from the ward which he hails from.

“I believe in providing a holistic approach to the diverse needs of our communities to foster meaningful development,” he said.

The businessman, who is an avid arts enthusiast, has also given a platform to local artistes through his Wezhaz Bar in Warren Park and has continued to covertly support local talent even during the Covid-19-induced lockdown.

Maoneke is a new generation entrepreneur whose greatest motivation is to contribute to national development and the emancipation of marginalised communities.

He is the founder and CEO of Wezhaz Investments incorporating CNM Logistics, Wezhaz Executive Cars, Wezhaz Entertainment and other related commodity broking ventures under the investment company.

A firm believer in home grown solutions to national problems, Maoneke is the vice-chairman of Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub, an apolitical and highly progressive organisation that has immensely contributed to development of the local arts industry and is nurturing young enterprising businesspeople in the country.

For his love for national development and contributions to the advancement of the local creative industry, Maoneke was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) in partnership with the International Women’s University and Maverick University in 2020.

Maoneke holds various degrees and diplomas from local learning institutions and is currently studying an MBA with the University of Zimbabwe.

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