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Amplified Silence earns Masapa global accolade

By Fungayi Sox

Takudzwa Masapa’s latest book titled Amplified Silence: Birthing Leaders That Brings Solutions to Concealed Problems, recently earned him an honourary award at the fourth edition of the Global African Authors Awards under the theme Unlock the stories for Africa with the intention of celebrating, honouring and recognising high achievement from within the African Diaspora Community.

Winners were announced through a colourful virtual ceremony with 200 African author’s being honoured and Masapa’s book won an award under the Empowerment Category.

Masapa is currently pursuing a degree in Architecture at the National University of Science and Technology and through his Elite Leadership Academy, he has been seeking to grow and equip young leaders across the globe so that they become remarkable leaders who are also able to impact lives.

Prior to this, Masapa has also authored two books namely Your Guide To Elite Leadership (March 2019) and Whosoever Wants To Be Great (August 2019)

The Global African Authors Awards are an initiative of Anthea Thyssen-Ambursely, a three-time self-published author herself, whose primary mission is to inspire authors to rewrite the history of Africa so as to create new narratives, which she says are an important step for Africa to heal and unite.

Anthea added that her main goal was to get authors across the world to start their own movement where they can own their stories since African stories have always been toldby others and that it was about time African stories got told from an African perspective.

She says in the long-term, she would desire to see the birthing of an African Library for all local authors which would serve as a Museum for African Narratives.

In endorsing: Amplified Silence: Birthing Leaders That Brings Solutions to Concealed Problems, Pan Africanist and Leadership mentor Caleb Mufuka stated that: “My greatest worry for Zimbabwe and Africa at large was centred on the fact that though Africa is an exceedingly blessed continent it lacks in the area of great leadership.”

“Hope, peace and joy were instantly brought back as soon as I read this outstanding book. This young man gave me a strong reminder that we still have young people who still have brilliant ideas, a new breed of elite leaders is being raised and the future of the world is in safe hands.

“This book is a blueprint and a clear trajectory for all leaders to follow. Thank you Mr Masapa for cross pollinating such great ideas”.

In Amplified Silence: Birthing Leaders That Brings Solutions to Concealed Problems, Masapa’s inspiration to pen the book emanated from his desire to foresee a world with elite leaders with the ability to pass on that kind of world to the generations to follow.

Towards the end of the book, Masapa also raises the red flag at the “entitlement mentality” by African leaders which he cites as one of the reasons why Africa is failing.

He renders advice to 21st Century leaders warning that leadership is a privilege given by the followers as such they should not let their entitlement mentality cultivate in their hearts lest they become enemies to their society.

  • The writer Fungayi Sox is a Harare-based communications consultant specialising in book editing, education, personal development, digital media technologies and publishing.  He can be contacted on +263 776 030 949 or follow him on Twitter @AntonySox

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