Letter to my people: When ministers become debt collectors

More than a year since he was appointed health minister, the Generari is yet to meet health workers and instead all we have heard from him are threats to fire striking nurses. 


My Dear People,

The past week saw health workers going on strike as they press for better salaries.

Public hospitals were literally shut down with sick people having to be turned away.

Those with means were able to go to private hospitals.

But by and large, our people depend on public facilities for their healthcare.

It was quite disheartening to see videos of people being turned away from clinics and hospitals as they were no doctors or nurses.

But through all this, our government did not care and did not even pretend to care.

More than a year since he was appointed health minister, the Generari is yet to meet health workers and instead all we have heard from him are threats to fire striking nurses.

If he cared about their plight, he would have at least made an effort to meet health workers and hear their concerns, but nada.

Then there is that clown at the Health Services Board, who drove his fancy car right to where striking nurses were picketing.

One of the nurses’ grievances is that their bosses are using scarce resources to buy luxury cars instead of improving the health workers’ conditions of service.

Talk about being tone deaf.

Someone who is also very quiet in the midst of all this is the health ambassador Dr Amai II.

She loved throwing her weight around at NatPharm so she could be seen to be working, but now there is an issue that needs her, but guess what, she is quiet like there’s no crisis unfolding.

Do you reckon Strive will bail out the doctors and the nurses again, kkk?

While Strive’s benevolence cannot be rejected, his intervention was short-term and was only papering over a serious problem.

What is needed is a long-term solution not these piecemeal things.

But with the Generari on mute, don’t expect anything of that sort.

A few weeks ago, Zanu PF people screamed their voices hoarse as they demanded that Nero and his party hold a congress.

Where this shrieking germinated from is still a mystery, but not before long the demands for a congress were very loud.

But despite the noise, Nero and his people did not budge and this infuriated Zanu PF people even more.

Inevitably, like all things on social media, the noise died down.

However, the Zanu PF lot went and regrouped and have now returned demanding that CCC should have structures.

This issue, just like the last, has been lapped up by Jonso who writes countless threads on why structures are important.

Who am I to argue with a whole professor of politics about structures?

My only issue though is why are people that don’t belong to CCC the loudest in demanding structures or the holding of a congress?

You begin to think that maybe Nero and his lot are right that there is a plot to infiltrate the party.

If it was CCC members demanding a congress or structures, it would make sense, but it is outsiders who are the loudest at this.

Whether Jonso means well is another issue, but he is going on and on about it and you begin to wonder what his interest is.

If you are not a member of CCC and you think their lack of structures is a blunder, then instead of crying you should be celebrating.

The local government ministry has reduced itself to being a debt collector on behalf of the Pomona waste management company.

The ministry wrote a bizarre letter to the Harare municipality demanding that it coughs up almost a million dollars to Delish’s company.

It’s not the government’s job to be a debt collector for a private company.

If Delish and his lot believe they have been hard done by council, they should approach the courts.

Oh wait, the case is already before the courts.

So instead of Delish and July ploughing ahead with the Pomona thing, they should instead wait for the courts to rule on the legality of the deal.

With the way July is pushing, you would be tempted to think that there is something that stinks about this deal.

While we are still on the Pomona deal, July has come up with a new scheme of ordering all local authorities to buy fire tenders.

The government did not consult the local authorities, but imposed this deal on them.

This is another directive that begs to be resisted at all costs.

You all thought Ignatius was bad at local government, well he has nothing on July.

I read that some of our shops were closed because business was bad.

This is fake news. Whoever wrote it must stop it.

We closed the shops and some businesses because we are still in mourning.

We will re-open them when the mourning period is over.

Don’t ask me how long the mourning period is, kkkk.


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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