The beauty of being a yielded vessel

God is sometimes more focused on the end product, which is why the Bible says He makes all things beautiful in His time

Many have assumed God's timing is not perfect. Yet, the Bible says He makes all things beautiful. God is like a great artist painting a masterpiece with our lives. If you interrupt the process, you may not appreciate what He was building. However, if you allow His hand to finish the masterpiece, you may be surprised by what He was creating with your life.

I have discovered that God uses everything around us to drive us towards His greater purpose. People resist this process, unsure of what God is shaping them to be, and they hinder God's hand from molding them into the vessel He desires. Let's take, for example, the potter's house. God was making Israel into a vessel fit for His use, but Israel's attitude could prevent God from forming them into that great vessel. God is a master craftsman, but He has given man free will, and because of this free will, we participate in the formation of this great masterpiece.

If clay has too much water, it lacks plasticity. If He makes all things beautiful in His time, it means I have to trust the process and yield to His leadings. What is stopping you from allowing God to mold you into His desired masterpiece? God's plan is divided into three areas: His good, acceptable, and perfect plan. Many settle for His good plan because they are unwilling to let the master mold them into perfect vessels. When Jeremiah entered the potter's house, he noticed the potter breaking and reworking a vessel that was almost complete.

What broke the vessel was not only the process it went through but the quality of the clay. Malleable clay makes it easier for the potter to mold it into whatever vessel he desires. You may ask, "What makes one become malleable?"

What makes clay malleable is the amount of water in it. The Spirit of God can be compared to water. So, the more one is full of the Spirit, the easier it is for God to mold them. Because of the nature of the Spirit of God and His gentleness, many miss out on His benefits, causing them to lack plasticity. It was the Spirit of God that led Jesus into the wilderness. Many assume that if it's God's plan, it should be a smooth ride. However, most who have fulfilled God's plan faced resistance and difficulty.

Imagine the feelings Daniel or Joseph had as they were carried away to a foreign land and had to learn a new language and adjust to new food. Yet, it was God's plan for them. Although they faced pain and difficulty, what they accomplished was greater than they could have imagined.

When we read the Bible, we assume it was easier for the people whose testimonies we read. But it was even more challenging for them. As clay in the hands of the master, it's not easy to understand that God knows what He is doing with your life, and He will frame your life to have more value than you could have ever imagined.

God is sometimes more focused on the end product, which is why the Bible says He makes all things beautiful in His time. All those situations you thought would destroy you, all that trauma, all that pain—when you reflect on all you have been through, you will notice the beauty it produced in you. Joseph yielded to the process and became a great leader. Are you willing to yield to the process and allow Him to make your life beautiful?

  • Humphrey Mtandwa is an apostolic teacher of the word of God and founder of Believers Voice of Triumph Ministries. He has authored many books, including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness, Night Parables and Theophany. If you want to connect with him or have any questions, get in touch on

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