TalenVision embrace sport, education in rural Filabusi

Talenvision administrator Hloniphani Ngwenya has detailed the plan that the club is embarking on.

Grassroots sport development institution Talenvision Sports Academy (TSA) has partnered Invinar Park Academy, an educational facility in rural Filabusi, Matabeleland South as they look to increase their focus on education from this year going forward.

Talenvision Football Club, established in 2013, the brainchild of businessman Khumbulani Nkomo, already competes in the Zifa Southern Region Division One league.

Invinar Park Academy, a school in Filabusi was established by Nkomo and his wife Thembelihle in 2020.

Talenvision administrator Hloniphani Ngwenya has detailed the plan that the club is embarking on.

The academy takes part in the Zifa Bulawayo Province junior league, but will be spreading its wings to rural Matabeleland South and will encompass other schools around Filabusi.

 “Talenvision Sports Academy (TSA) is a dynamic initiative rooted in Filabusi, aiming to identify and nurture local sporting talent through partnerships with schools in the region. TSA's strategic collaboration with Ivinar Park Academy seeks to elevate it to a sports excellence institution. The initial focus is on soccer, with plans to enroll players up to the age of 16 and create a robust development programme,” Ngwenya said.

Apart from football, Ngwenya said TSA plans to venture into other sporting disciplines in the future.

“TSA envisions expanding into other sporting disciplines identified by Ivinar Park Academy, aspiring to become a comprehensive sports hub for the region. This initiative represents more than an academy; it is a transformative movement committed to shaping a lasting sports legacy in Filabusi and beyond,” he said.

He added: “Talenvision Sports Academy (TSA) emerges as a beacon of athletic prowess, strategically positioned in the vibrant community of Filabusi. Rooted in a vision of identifying and nurturing sporting talent at its grassroots, TSA seeks to form symbiotic relationships with local schools, especially in and around Filabusi, to become a catalyst for the holistic development of young athletes.

“In alignment with this vision, TSA recognises the invaluable role of local schools as crucibles of raw talent. The academy aims to initiate talent identification programs in collaboration with schools in the Filabusi region, including the likes of Singwango, Silalatshani, Mahole, Nkankezi etc, creating an expansive network that taps into the diverse pool of athletic potential within these communities. Through scouting initiatives, sports clinics, and collaborative events, TSA aims to unearth latent talent, ensuring that no promising athlete goes unnoticed.”

Ngwenya also clarified the Invinar Park partnership.

TSA has its facilities at the school.

“Central to TSA's strategy is the establishment of a transformative partnership with Ivinar Park Academy. This collaboration seeks to elevate Ivinar Park Academy to the status of a sports excellence institution, integrating sports into the very fabric of its educational offerings. By synergising the strengths of TSA with Ivinar Park Academy's commitment to academic excellence, the goal is to create a nurturing environment where budding athletes can thrive both academically and athletically. In the initial phase, TSA will concentrate its efforts on soccer, recognising the immense passion and potential that this sport holds within the community, Ngwenya said

A number of qualified coaches will be engaged by the academy in its quest to cultivate a dynamic blend of experienced coaches, state-of-the-art facilities, and a meticulously crafted curriculum that integrates sports and education seamlessly.

The aim is to develop a football powerhouse that not only competes at a high level, but also serves as a testament to the transformative impact of TSA's methodology

The academy will affiliate in the Division Two League.

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