Letter to my people: Reviving Zim dollar akin to flogging dead horse

The verbal diahorrea by Murwira was echoed by his boss Scarfmore who, without a hint of irony, pointed out in an interview earlier this year that formal employment was a western concept.

My Dear People

THE dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion has no equal when it comes to shooting itself in the foot.

 At a time when there is  strident global criticism over how it secured  another term through means most foul during the sham polls in August, one would have thought the Lacoste cabal would be going out of its way to instill confidence in the market through well thought-out policies to ameliorate the outrage.

Perish the thought!!

At the CEO Africa Roundtable Conference in Victoria Falls Ngwena announced that the cabal was working towards making the Zimbabwe dollar, which has constantly lost value the sole legal tender.

“We must bite the bullet, whether it gives us some suffering for a period, we shall proceed to have our own currency, not a situation where the economy has a regime of currencies in use, we want a single currency and we are going there,” Ngwena told chief executives, who had sought assurances of currency stability from the octogenarian leader at the conference.

Scarfmore’s bold declaration of the need to use the local currency and getting rid of the multi-currency regime rings hollow when more than 75% of transactions in the country are in hard currency.

 Ngwena’s pronouncement of the need to make the Zimbabwe dollar, the sole legal tender after the economic catastrophe that ensued when his regime did just that in 2019, is a demonstration of either misplaced confidence or just downright naivety.

This will only result in further loss of the market confidence Scarfmore’s regime seeks, given how the country’s citizens have had their savings wiped out overnight through hyperinflationary bouts triggered by hare-brained policies.

 When he says “we must bite the bullet,’’ I, the good doctor, can assure you that it is only the poor citizenry, who will bite the proverbial bullet while Scarfmore and his cronies will insulate themselves from the crisis.


The cholera outbreak that has resulted in the loss of more than 100 lives has yet again put the ineptitude of the Lacoste gang into sharp focus.

Revelations that at least 41 districts across the country have reported the outbreak with Buhera and Gutu emerging as hotspots shows the breathtaking incompetence by the Ngwena regime.

 Nothing epitomises the failure of this regime more than the struggle to contain a medieval disease in the 21st century. This comes at a time the repubric is pouring millions of taxpayers’ money into a waste management project that reeks of corruption at the expense of addressing vital issues such as provision of clean water.

What makes this outbreak more frightening is the parlous state of the public health sector, which has suffered major neglect by the Lacoste cabal. public hospitals no longer have such basics as painkillers, effectively making them death traps.

This explains why senior officials of the Ngwena regime such as Generari fly out of the country whenever they seek treatment.

This is the tragedy of having a leadership that is in power on the basis of coups and fraudulent elections.

The abject failure  to create jobs by Scarfmore and co. that has resulted in thousands of Zimbbabweans leaving the country for greener pastures has resulted in a different tune emanating from the coup cabal.

 “We no longer talk of brain drain, but brain circulation. We will not construct people who work for other people.

“The issue of graduating and seeking employment should be a thing of the past. We want to change the mentality now. You need to go to school and put to use what you learnt, not sleep at home and wait for employment.

“Those were colonial industries, let us start our own," Higher Education minister Amon Murwira said in Parliament.


This is not only an insult to the multitude of graduates who fail to get jobs after completing their studies, but is also unmitigated nonsense that aptly demonstrates the alarming  paucity of ideas in the corridors of power.

How do individuals, soon after graduation, start  their own business with neither a penny to their name nor any financial support from government?

The verbal diahorrea by Murwira was echoed by his boss Scarfmore who, without a hint of irony, pointed out in an interview earlier this year that formal employment was a western concept.

With such a clueless regime, it is no wonder why thousands are leaving the country for menial jobs.

 Anything is better than being stuck in a country with this hopelessly ignorant leadership.

Zanu PF politicians are being exposed as political opportunists, who do not give a toss about the welfare of the citizens they represent.

Former Zanu PF Gutu North MP, Yeukai Simbanegavi, who lost her constituency after the delimitation exercise, is now removing grinding mills from the area leaving villagers in the area in a bind.

 With not an ounce of shame, she declared that the grinding mills were hers and she can do what she pleases with them.

 Losing Zanu PF candidate for Chinhoyi in the sham polls, Thomas Chidzomba, in a fit of pique, removed a borehole he had set up for people in the constituency he was campaigning for.

Such are the lowlifes that are part and parcel of the Ngwena cabal.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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