Daisy Mukariri preaches salvation in new album

Mukariri dropped her 10th album last Wednesday and it carries a message of God’s healing, deliverance and rescue.

GOSPEL MUSICIAN-CUM-PASTOR Daisy Mukariri says her latest offering titled Ziso is inspired by her desire to see people being born again.

Mukariri dropped her 10th album last Wednesday and it carries a message of God’s healing, deliverance and rescue.

“The general message of the album is salvation,” Mukariri said.

“I am an evangelist by calling and I am kind of blunt in the way I put up the message at times pointing out behaviours that need to be corrected is not an easy task, but I am sure this album will be well received.”

The albums carries nine tracks which are Ziso, Fake Evidence, Husband Manyama, Jaya Mupfumi, Uchasvika Kure, Zvadirwa Sugar, Mundipenyere, Kururama and Ndodurura.

The tracks come in traditional beat and sungura genre.

Pomp and fanfare characterised the launch of Mukariri’s last album titled Celebrity, which was held at the Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza in 2022.

However, this time she decided to have a low-key album launch at ZBC’s Radio Zimbabwe on a day dedicated for love.

While Valentine’s Day is a special time for couples to celebrate their love, Mukariri in the song Husband Manyama reflects on God’s love for everyone, and how couples can show that kind of love in their marriages.

Inspired by 2Kings 4, the track Husband Manyama is a dedication to godly husbands while the track Fake Evidence, enthused by reading from Genesis 37 VS 35, highlights the importance of integrity in marriages.

“The launch was coincidentally on the Valentine Day as the album carries a song dedicated to good husbands,” Mukariri said.

“The track Husband Manyama is a message from a woman who is appreciating the love, trust and support from her husband.

“The song Fake Evidence also is a message to the couples in love not to allow information that destroys their relationships to sink in their minds because the devil can orchestrate something that looks like accurate evidence so that you fight one another.”

She said the title track Ziso was inspired by today’s lifestyles exhibited by Christians, who no longer value righteousness.

“Christians just move according to modern trends without selecting good from evil yet the Lord Jesus Christ said anything that dilutes your faith should be removed and he gave the body part as a standard,” Mukariri said.

“I didn’t do collaborations on this album,” she said.

“I have done a number of collaborations before and I thought I should just work on this one alone.”

An educationist and marriage counsellor, Mukariri said there was nothing so special about the album, but she feels honoured to have yet another opportunity to talk about my Saviour Jesus the Christ.

“It is special to be saved and to continue standing in a world where many people are seeking material things instead of aligning themselves with what God wants,” she said.

“I am working on a few videos for both the previous songs and the new songs. Videos should be ready by mid-March 2024,” she said.

She said she was optimistic that she will continue preaching the Word.

“I can’t really say much about what people should expect from me in future because I take a day as it comes and putting my spiritual ears open to receive more messages to give out as given by the Holy Spirit,” Mukariri said.

“I will just be waiting to receive from the Lord. This can take months or years but definitely something will download.

“I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all music lovers who encourage us to remain standing as musicians, to my husband to whom I also dedicated song (Husband Manyama) for being my biggest fan and to the Mukariris and Munengwas not forgetting all the Christians and servants of God who pray for the advancement and the preaching of the word of God.”

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