Form your own party, Zanu PF youth leader tells Winky D

Last year Winky D was ‘muted’ by national radio stations and the national broadcaster ZBC TV.

A ZANU PF youth leader has strongly urged outspoken singer Winky D to form his own political party following his Ghettocracy Score show held at the Harare International Conference Centre on New Year’s Eve.

In a video circulating on social media, the leader, addressing party members, criticises Winky D for seemingly embracing politics within his music, particularly after his December 31 performance.

The performance, celebrating the artist’s 20th anniversary in music, apparently angered Zanu PF supporters who accused him of politicising his music and acting more like a politician than a musician.

Speaking at a recent Zanu PF youth meeting, the leader claimed it’s the party youth's duty to protect the president (Emmerson Mnangagwa) from “anti-government singers like Winky D.

"Winky D did a launch where he put up a boxing ring and wore boxing gloves, signalling a fight against the President and the party. Why doesn't he form his own party instead of doing politics through music?" the leader questioned.

"As the youth league, it is our duty to defend the President and the party at large. Akuda kudira jecha hurumende ye Zanu PF (He wants to sabotage the government). If you go against the ruling party and the government, you will regret it later on when you are alone," he threatened.

The leader then proceeded to praise Holy Ten for singing music that supports the government.

“We don't even know any of his [Winky D]'s songs anymore; his music will play in trees like birds. He won't be heard anywhere in the country," he claimed.

"We need to support artists who are pro-government like Holy Ten and not support Winky D. He is a spent force, he last had a hit eight years ago, he is now a politician. He should register his party and join the likes of Chamisa who are always changing party names," he added.

Last year Winky D was ‘muted’ by national radio stations and the national broadcaster ZBC TV.

In an interview with our sister paper Newsday; Zanu PF Information director Frarai Marapira described Winky D as a politician rather than a musician.

“It is unfortunate that Winky D, an artist relevant (sic) because of a decided Zanu PF policy in the early 2000s to uplift local art, has taken the same gift handed to him to attack the benevolent hand,” Marapira said.

“As a political party we have a right to assess his actions and respond politically also, of course as always within the tenets of the law.

“Let it be also known that as his musical star wanes he has decided to delve into politics to hopefully get attention and more views on his ailing musical career.

“A mammoth party like Zanu PF is not really bothered by a miniscule actor such as him because everyone seeks relevance by speaking about the party.”

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