Kachirekwa among Africa’s ‘powerful giants’

Edzai Kachirekwa

Power Giants CEO Edzai Kachirekwa has been selected among 100 Africa Most Influential Persons for his contribution to the continent’s development trajectory.

An awards ceremony has been slated for Harare on May 30 and is being organised by the Business Executive Media Group, a regional publishing, special events organising, public policy advocacy and private enterprise promotion and facilitation group of companies headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

The Business Executive Media Group has registered fully fledged subsidiaries in Abuja (Nigeria) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) with representation in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States and Canada.

The I00 Most Influential People in Africa Awards, which are in their first year are designed to identify and publicly recognise 100 people across Africa whose personal and professional conduct and accomplishments, combined with their respective positions of authority and consequent influence, has enabled them exercise the most influence on the socio economic, political and cultural fortunes and trajectory of Africa, according to the organisers.

“Every person with potential to influence affairs in Africa – and who at least partly are domiciled within the continent are eligible for consideration,” read a statement from the organisers.

“Gender, political affiliation, age or religion are not significant considerations although for reasons of inclusiveness, these may be considered in the event of a tie between nominees in a particular award category, using the quantitative scoring method established hereunder.”

According to the organisers, Kachirekwa and 99 others were selected “through a comprehensive selection process entailing nominations from the public, verification/authentication of nominations by our dedicated research consultants, and assessment of nominations by an expert panel of judges followed by the application of a scoring model, leading to the identification of winners in each delineated category.”

Kachirekwa, an electrical engineer, is the brains behind Power Giants, a local engineering firm that specialises in transmission power lines construction, solar systems including construction of solar grids, domestic, industrial, mining, agricultural and commercial installations.

“It’s something I never expected,” Kachirekwa said.

“I think humility and hard work is very key in every aspect, thus allowing yourself to be a river to others.”

Kachirekwa said he was pushing for the use of renewable energy in Africa’s development trajectory.

He thanked the Business Executive Media Group for facilitating his inclusion among 100 Africa Most Influential Persons.

Kachirekwa was recently honoured with the Excellent Strategic Business Leader award by the Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking.

Early this year the Zim Trailblazers Awards honoured the Power Energy boss with the Distinguished Clean Energy Champion in the country.

Kachirekwa attributes the accolades to hard work.

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