Contractor seeks order to sell WestProp land over US$4.8m debt.

Fairclot said WestProp has continued to sell stands on the property, which made the application urgent.
By Staff Reporter Jun. 10, 2023

Augur Investments challenges High Court order

The applicants are seeking the Supreme Court to set aside the High Court order and a declaratory order.
By Desmond Chingarande May. 16, 2023

WestPro dismisses malicious allegations

Moyo said the company also does not seek any relief affecting its title to the land it is developing.
By Staff Reporter Apr. 4, 2023

Biti protests over Press commentaries

Biti made the complaint in a case where he is being accused of verbally assaulting Russian investor Tatiana Aleshina two years ago.
By Desmond Chingarande Nov. 16, 2022

Contractor challenges deal ceding Harare’s vast tracts of land

Fairclot Investments, trading as Trucking and Construction Company (T&C) is embroiled in a payment dispute with businessman Ken Sharpe.
By Staff Reporter Nov. 15, 2022

Ex-Augur Investments MD trashes Biti claims

Biti said the company was so powerful that itreceived the deed of settlement without following procedure.
By Staff Reporter Nov. 3, 2022

News in depth: Avalanche of litigation over unfinished Airport Road

This publication has in recent weeks published a series of stories based on court cases
By Nqobani Ndlovu Oct. 9, 2022