China pushes its hegemonic proposals on international stage

This recently released “reform and development of global governance” proposal emphasizes how Xi has moved from idea to action, from vision to reality.
By Ani News Sep. 26, 2023

Brics group: Intense competition behind a façade of co-operation

Pretoria’s influence on the global stage? A first step is to re-introduce the concept of global competitiveness into the national public narrative.
By Ian Kilbride Sep. 1, 2023

New Horizon: Positioning Zim for strategic contribution to Brics bloc

Sustainable economic growth is the bedrock upon which Zimbabwe's contribution to Brics must be built.
By Chido Dzinotyiwei Sep. 1, 2023

Letter to my people: Putin’s puppets are going against the wind

The public support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has clearly shown that when it comes to being tone deaf, Ngwena has no equal.
By Doctor Stop It Aug. 6, 2023

Public relations: ‘What the heck goes on in the head of an event planner?’

The event planner's job is to rearrange these building blocks in such a way that they fit perfectly together, creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.
By Lenox Mhlanga Jul. 30, 2023

Developing countries can choose to be cheerleaders or active players amid geopolitical changes

Whatever choices developing countries make today, the aftermath, scenario once the current changes reach their crescendo, they will render irrelevant the historical excuses such as the slave trade
By Tapiwa Gomo Jul. 3, 2023

Mooted Brics currency unlikely to dislodge US dollar any time soon

Although talk of a Brics currency has gained momentum, there is limited information on various models under consideration.
By Mihaela Papa Jun. 30, 2023

This is how Brics membership could boost bloc and Zimbabwe

As such, Zimbabwe’s inclusion in Brics could provide a valuable opportunity for Russia and China to further expand their influence on the continent.
By Nicholas Shubitz Apr. 30, 2023

De-dollarisation to deminish Western hegemony, give hope to developing countries

Asian countries in search of cheap labour — is now seen as both a threat to Western hegemony and the beginning of economic emancipation for poor countries.
By Tapiwa Gomo Apr. 10, 2023