Society: The other side of Chirumhanzu’s Cheza

Ndiya appealed to the government to avail grants and land for women to start agriculture income generating projects.
By Stephen Chadenga Jan. 22, 2024

Drama at CCC activists’ trial... as Zanu PF members label police liars

However, the witnesses, mostly, Zanu PF members contradicted evidence given by police who were at the scene of the alleged crimes. 
By Stephen Chadenga Jan. 19, 2024

One meal for the poor early next year: Report

The report further noted that from February to March, the green harvest is expected to be below normal and will not sufficiently improve household food access.
By Silas Nkala Nov. 23, 2023

Ostallos arrested, accused of violence

Siziba will appear on Friday at the Western Commonage court.
By Donald Nyandoro Sep. 15, 2023

Rwodzi, Cheza in post-vote clash

A dispute ensued, resulting in the CCC activists allegedly assaulting the legislator, Nyathi said.
By Garikai Tunhira Aug. 28, 2023

CIO trailing me: CCC candidate

Last weekend, Cheza held a CCC meeting at Mapiravana business centre in Chirumanzu, where CIO officers from Gweru were reportedly deployed.
By Stephen Chadenga Aug. 9, 2023

CCC Chirumanzu activists trial starts

 The CCC members have pleaded not guilty to the charges and accused Zanu PF-linked affiliate group Forever Associates Zimbabwe of fabricating the charges.
By Stephen Chadenga Jul. 28, 2023

Barbara Rwodzi, police boss in heated tantrum: The people’s reactions

The deputy minister also threatened to deal with the police officer.
By Evans Mathanda Jul. 18, 2023

Minister, police boss in heated tantrum

The supporter is also believed to be part of Rwodzi’s campaign team and was reported for allegedly tearing down CCC posters in the constituency.
By Stephen Chadenga Jul. 18, 2023