No independence joy for civil servants

“The welfare of our civil servants will continue to be reviewed in line with economic sustainability,” Mnangagwa said.
By Blessed Mhlanga 39m ago

ED grants relief to death row inmates

Remissions were granted on medical grounds, prisoners at open prisons, those aged 60 years and above and inmates with disabilities.
By Sydney Kawadza Apr. 18, 2024

No room for politicking in food distribution

It is estimated that about 2,7 million people will require food aid with the number expected to rise in the third quarter of the year.
By Newsday Apr. 17, 2024

Govt sets target for winter wheat production

Speaking during the post-Cabinet briefing yesterday, Information minister Jenfan Muswere said the wheat-based food security thrust had four components of food security
By Priviledge Gumbodete Apr. 17, 2024

What independence could there be to celebrate?

Zimbabwe is home to State-sanctioned human rights violations. There are politically-motivated abductions, killings and lengthy imprisonments without convictions.
By Cyprian M Ndawana Apr. 17, 2024

Rights abuses surge as hunger bites

Zimbabwe faces an acute food crisis with the country expected to have reduced yields due to erratic rainfall during the 2023/24 agricultural season.
By Vanessa Gonye Apr. 17, 2024

El Niño takes its toll on Hwange residents

The villagers have also become susceptible to unscrupulous dealers who are taking advantage of the situation.
By Blessed Ndlovu Apr. 16, 2024

Independence is meaningless if people are oppressed

The Zanu PF ruling elite needs to be reminded that it does not own us or Zimbabwe.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Apr. 16, 2024

‘Zanu PF to superintend food distribution’

The ruling party fears that non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and food aid agencies could influence voting patterns in its stronghold areas.
By Problem Masau Apr. 16, 2024