‘Zimbabwe not ready for Da Baby’….Organiser shies away from American rapper

Da Baby’s show was initially scheduled for September 23 before being postponed to November 17 and was called eventually off this week.
By Sindiso Dube Nov. 12, 2023

Teguru revels in Harare Classic success

Teguru, a 2018 Marume Classic champion, posed down to a Holy Ten Ucharamba Uchipisa soundtrack and was convinced that the night belonged to him.
By Austin Chakaodza Oct. 26, 2023

Videographer spreads wings into filmmaking

Leoy V who is famed for producing music videos told NewsDay Life & Style that Emma focuses on the hardships and challenges women face on a daily basis.
By Sharon Zebra Oct. 19, 2023

ZANU PF gifts praise singers with cars

Reports say Holy Ten, Kikky Badass and Ricky Fire are some of the artistes who were gifted with luxurious cars as tokens of appreciation.
By Style Reporter Sep. 3, 2023

In the Groove: Can music influence politics?

He comments about three artistes who recently attended a Zanu PF party wearing Zanu PF regalia. He puts it succinctly as follows, and I quote him verbatim:
By Fred Zindi Aug. 27, 2023

Kae Chaps, R Peels beef escalates

Born Kudakwashe Chapepa, Kae Chaps is famed for his hit song Juzi which propelled him to stardom.
By Edwin Nhukarume Jul. 26, 2023

Nutty O dumps Zimdancehall

Hip hop superstar Holy Ten expressed his disagreement with Nutty O’s statement.
By Sindiso Dube Jul. 16, 2023

Magz, Holy Ten release collabo

Following his discovery by Holy Ten last year, Magz was signed at Samanyanga Sounds together with Mr Candy.
By Donald Nyandoro May. 29, 2023

Recently released albums disappoint Holy Ten

Holy Ten makes the sensational sentiments following the release of Jah Prayzah's double album Chiremerera and Maita Baba as well as Winky D's Eureka Eureka.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira May. 21, 2023