Independence is meaningless if people are oppressed

The Zanu PF ruling elite needs to be reminded that it does not own us or Zimbabwe.

Requiem for the Zim dream

Independence was a moment to usher in a new dispensation of equality and prosperity.
By Innocent Mpoki Apr. 12, 2024

Zim at 44 in sorry state

The unrecognised challenge that fell on the shoulders of our leaders and us as a people on April 18, 1980 was to define independence. Unfortunately, nobody did so.
By Ignatius Tsuro Apr. 2, 2024

Zanu PF mobilises churches for Independence Day celebrations

Several legislators and various stakeholders including the Zanu PF leadership have been invited to take part at the national prayer day.
By Kenneth Nyangani Mar. 15, 2024

The generation that squanders

Many successful black entrepreneurs, of pre-independence Zimbabwe, had their businesses post-independence collapse.
By Gloria Mukombachoto Dec. 21, 2023

43 years of neglect

Basic services are still extremely scarce, in part due to poor economic conditions and difficulties with access.
By Tapiwa Gomo Nov. 6, 2023

Corruption tarnishing Zim’s image

Under colonial rule, blacks were subjected to a very oppressive system of governance which relegated them to an inferior position in every facet of life.
By Cuthbert Mavheko May. 2, 2023

Yearn for cultural identity, bonding Zimbos in UK

The ZLC is a group of Zimbabweans based in West Yorkshire, north of England.
By Winstone Antonio May. 2, 2023

Letter to my people: You can run, but you can’t hide

Generari revealed recently that the regime is looking to criminalise the employment of the country’s health professionals by other countries.
By Doctor Stop It Apr. 23, 2023